Basic Medical Interpreting

Basic Medical Interpreting

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Qualifications: Fluency in two languages including English and at least one other language spoken by refugees and immigrants in the area. You will be screened in advance to ensure eligibility and will be vetted with a background check.


Medical Interpreter Course Outline

  1. 80 hours of medical interpreter training conducted over four to five weekends.
  2. Course topics
    1. Interpreting skills, ethics and procedures
    2. Medical: basic anatomy, common problems and treatments
    3. Cultural brokering
    4. Communication skills, guidelines for advocacy
  3. Evaluation:
    1. Sight translation of brief documents during interpreting sessions
    2. Role plays incorporating cultural exchange, medical drill
    3. Oral benchmarks at appropriate times during the course to evaluate interpreting knowledge and skills
    4. Written exam on the last day
  4. Internship:
    1. Once the student passes the written exam and the benchmarks, he/she will be considered a MAMI interpreter intern and will be paid for interpreting services.

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