Court Interpreting

Court Interpreting

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Qualifications: individual must have passed vetting and a language skills screening. Individual must also have successfully completed the MAMI 80-hour course Basic Medical Interpreting and gained some interpreting experience.

Court Interpreting Course Outline

  • court1Part I – This training prepares candidates to pass the NYS Court System’s written exams of language proficiency. Students completing this module, take the NY State exam of Written Language Proficiency. Those who pass, may take part two of the course.


  • Part II – Prepares interpreters to pass the State oral exam. The training covers ethics and procedures for court interpreting, the court system and practice in more formalized role-play settings. After successfully completing this module, a candidate should be prepared to take the NY State oral examination in court interpreting. The second part of MAMI’s most recent court interpreting course was presented by Agustín S. de la Mora, CFCI, who is a Supervisor Rater for the National Center for State Courts in the United States.