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Local Rabbi and MAMI Interpreters’ Executive Director Take Part in the NAACP “Journey for Justice” March from Selma, Alabama to Washington, DC

On Sunday, August 23, Rabbi Cassi Kail of Temple Emanu-El in Utica and MAMI Interpreters’ Executive Director Dr. Cornelia E. Brown of New Hartford will participate in the NAACP-sponsored America’s Journey for Justice, marching in 20-mile segments starting somewhere near Augusta, Georgia towards the South Carolina state line. They will gather with friends and supporters who are already in the march. The rabbi will carry the sacred Jewish Torah scroll during the march, sharing the responsibility with colleagues and other supporters. On Saturday evening they gather at a nearby college for a meal and teaching session, hearing thoughts of the day’s experience as well as discussing issues of justice for all. On Sunday morning they begin their day’s journey at 6:30 a.m.

“We are going in solidarity with our brothers and sisters,” said Rabbi Kail. “It’s incredibly important to be taking this walk because it plays into so many aspects of life. For me, as a member of the clergy, it’s a way of marching forward toward equality – toward the day when more people will be judged by their character rather than by the color of their skin.”

Dr. Brown added,  “As advocates for our refugees and immigrants, MAMI Interpreters often finds itself defending the rights of access to services. We understand the struggle and want to support these rights to access, justice and equality for all.”

The NAACP Journey for Justice began on August 1 and continues to September 16, a historic 860-mile march from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, D.C. Dr. Brown and Rabbi Kail are part of mobilizing activists, advancing a focused national advocacy agenda that protects the right of every American to a fair criminal justice system, uncorrupted and unfettered access to the ballot box, sustainable jobs with a living wage, and equitable public education. Follow the journey on social media using #JusticeSummer.


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