Provider Training

Provider Training Services

NPhoto18MAMI’s goal is to facilitate communication and understanding between people speaking different languages; therefore MAMI provides education for the providers as well as education for refugees and immigrants. These dynamic courses offered for the providers are taught in an upbeat, interactive manner.

Our basic training for providers deals with how to work with the trained interpreter. In this training provided free to our contracted clients, MAMI covers:

  • Why the trained interpreter
    • Compare trained and untrained interpreters
    • When to use face-to-face, telephonic, and untrained interpreters
  • How to work with the trained interpreter and communicate with the limited-English proficient (LEP) client

In addition to the basic training, MAMI offers customized cultural competency courses for a variety of settings including:

  • Courts
  • Medical
  • Child care

For legal professionals, MAMI also offers customized Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs.

These courses can be adapted to suit your agency’s needs.

Remember, communication is not just the written word. It is gaze, posture, and tone of voice, hand gestures, facial-expression, dress and much more. Let us help you put it all together. The professionally trained interpreter is essential to meeting the goal of facilitating communication and understanding between people speaking different languages. Another essential element is gaining awareness of other cultures and how they might interact in U.S. settings.

For more information, contact the MAMI office.