Education for Refugees & Immigrants

Education for Refugees & Immigrants

Since its founding in 1998, MAMI has pursued many special programs to better train its interpreters and aid refugees in adjusting to a new life in America. These projects include a pre-natal health program with Somali mothers, a driver’s ed program for limited-English proficient refugees, and a survival English class.

Refugees Drive to Succeed a content-based English as a second language class helps refugees learn the rules for safe driving, enabling them to get off of public benefit rolls and into the job market.

The Smile Project helps Somali mothers provide excellent perinatal care for their children. This course provides a forum for Somali mothers to express their needs allowing healthcare providers to meet their needs in an efficient way.

The Survival English Class teaches refugees skills for basic survival such as using the telephone, reading a calendar, telling time, and how to ask the police for help when needed.